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Editor: Michelle Covi.

Contributions should be sent to mcovi at Preferred format is plain text or word document files with figure provided as separate files in a standard graphical format (jpg, gif, tiff, png, ...). Newsletter contributions should be concise reports on events, publications, developments, or recent findings of relevance to the CCSLR. Submissions will be published online after review by the editor. A printed version of the newsletter will be produced twice a year. The next printed version is planned to be produced in June 2014 (Spring 2014).


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  • Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change
    Hans-Peter Plag
    Climate change and sea-level rise pose unprecedented threats to communities across the world, especially the heavily-populated urban coasts. The changes experienced during the last century are unprecedented during the Holocene, the last geological epoch that started 11,700 years ago. Read more ...
  • Ezer and Atkinson publish latest study on coastal flooding in journal “Earth’s Future”
    Michelle Covi
    Tal Ezer and Larry Atkinson, professors in the Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department and faculty of the Mitigation and Adaptation Research Institute, reported a new association between sea level rise and increasing flooding events on the Atlantic coast. Read more ...
  • Rising to the Challenge: Conference on Sea Level Rise
    Michelle Covi
    On June 30, 2014, Old Dominion University hosted a meeting organized by U. S. Senator Tim Kaine along with U. S. Representatives Scott Rigell, Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, and Rob Whitman along with Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim and Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms. Read more ...

Newsletter Archive

Spring 2014: Contents
Climate Change Science at ODU
Looking Back at Events in Spring 2014
MTS-organized TechSurge at ODU set the stage for a national Pilot Project in Hampton Roads
Undergraduates Spend Summer Researching Climate Change with REU Program at ODU
Sea Level Rise “Whole of Government” Pilot Project
Fifth Meeting of the Hampton Roads Sea Level Rise/Flooding Adaptation Forum
CCSLRI leads annual ODU workshop for teachers
Summer 2013: Contents
Thoughts from the Co-Directors 2
Topical Updates 6
Promotions and Tenure 6
Climate Change Adaptation Specialist 6
Visiting CCSLRI Fellow in Insurance 6
ODU CCSLRI Continues Productive Partnership with Virginia Sea Grant and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission on Sea Level Rise Adaptation/Flooding Forum 7
ODU's Ezer and Colleagues Published Most Viewed Paper for April 2013 8
Atkinson, Ezer and Smith Published in Law and Policy Journal 8
CCSLRI Sponsors Faculty Travel to Conferences 9
Winter 2012/13: Contents
Thoughts from the Director 2
Recent CCSLRI Activities 3
ODU Oceanographer Publishes Research on SLR Acceleration 3
ODU CCSLRI and the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Partners with Virginia Sea Grant and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission on SLR Adaptation Forum 3
“Climate in the Classroom” Networking Luncheon 4
CCSLRI Faculty and Students a Strong Presence at Oceans'12 Marine Technology Society Hampton Roads Conference: Papers, Workshops, Exhibits 4
CCSLRI Featured by Public Radio 5
Proposals Funded 5
Victoria Hill, Assistant Research Professor and Graduate Student Coordinator in the Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 5
Regina C. Karp, Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in International Studies 6
Upcoming Events — Local 7
Upcoming Events — National 7
ODU Faculty Papers/Talks/Interviews/Book Chapters 8
Faculty Focus — Dr. Dennis Darby 8
Summer 2012: Contents
Thoughts from the Director 2
Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Mini-Symposium 2
Faculty News 3
Recent Events 6
Funding Opportunities 6
Upcoming Events 7
Interdisciplinary Research 7
Spring 2012: Contents
Thoughts from the Coordinator 1
ODU Supports Interdisciplinary Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Research 3
Networking with other universities 5
Recent Events 5
Insurance Executive Speaks at ODU on Increased Risk and Protection from Flooding 5
Interviews Conducted in Search for Senior Faculty Position in Climate Change and Sea Level Rise 5
Upcoming Events 5
CC/SLRI-relevant courses at ODU 6
Websites 7
Summer 2011: Contents
ODU CC/SLRI Website 2
Coming Events 3
This fall we will have another 'Titley Event'. Current thoughts are to have a person from the global re-insurance industry 3
ODU supports interdisciplinary climate change sea level rise research 3
Grasses and Ticks Meet 5
An early success with four Colleges 5
Local, Regional, National News 5
Government Reports 6
Non-Governmental Reports 7